In our lifetime most couples will experience relationship difficulties which can leave us feeling helpless, angry and mistrustful. Relationships are never straight forward and finding time to deal with issues privately can be difficult.

For relationships to work positive communication and a willingness from both parties to want to make a change is needed. This is easier said than done as people are naturally different and come with their own stories and expectations of what a relationship is or how they want theirs to be.


I work with individuals and couples on whatever aspect of their relationship is causing them difficulties such as Sexual Intimacy, Communication breakdown, Work, Financial issues or Parenting.

I can support you to openly express and explore your concerns, look at solutions and strategies so that you will be better able to deal with any future problems. So whatever is causing you emotional pain in your relationship, I can offer you the time to discuss and work through privately and confidentially without fear of judgement.

Please contact me on 07985323030