If you are on this page then you or someone you care about is struggling with an experience that has occurred recently or in the past. Whilst working with people who have been assaulted, I can see and acknowledge the impact this traumatic incident can have on your (or their) relationships with partners, family and friends. Every day functioning may be just one of the areas in your life which has been turned upside down. 


It is never too late to look for help and support. I can offer you privacy and confidentiality whilst guiding you towards the right support services. I also offer pre- and post-trial therapy and EMDR post trial.


If you feel able, contact the Police or go to your local A/E for medical help and support, or contact the Rape Crisis Centre


But if you feel this is not an option for you right now, contact me on the details below.



Helaine Wood Counselling Services

2 Terminus Road, Eastbourne